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Rumsfeld's Rules: "Serving in the White House"

Originally appeared in the Wall Street Journal, a fascinating list of instructions and suggestions by Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld about working in the White House. If you're a fan of the TV show "West Wing," or interested in any aspect of federal government, politics, and Washington DC culture, you'll find this piece very thought provoking.

USS Nautilus and Submarine Force Museum and Library

USS Nautilus, America's first nuclear submarine, just celebrated her 50th birthday. She's now a museum ship, open to the public free of charge right next to the fascinating indoor and outdoor exhibits of the United States Submarine Force Museum in Groton, CT. (The museum is easily accessible by car just off of I-95, and Nautilus rests in the Thames River immediaely south of the major, active New London Naval Submarine Base. The latter is normally closed to the public due to heightened security post-9/11.) Nautilus has been modified with a staircase near the bow, making it much easier for non-sailors of all ages to enter and exit the actual ship. A recent refurbishment included a major upgrade to the terrific self-guided tour's sound system. The Museum's main building was also expanded to provide more space for great exhibits on the long and illustrious history of U.S. Navy submarines and submariners. Highly recommended!

German Type 212A

Great photos and diagrams of the new Germany Type 212A diesel submarine, available for export and comes equipped with fuel-cell air independent propulsion for extremely long submerged endurance without snorkeling. And yes, the modern German Navy still calls their submarines U-boats. The 212's capabilities are impressive. This page is also the portal to a Web site with a whole bunch of other cool military hardware, ranging from Israel to Russia and beyond!

Russia's "Rubin" Submarine Design Bureau

The official Web site of an organization now "gone capitalist," which played a major role in designing and building Soviet and then Russian Submarines and other undersea weapons and hardware. Eye-opening, to say the least! A must-see Web site.

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