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LUFT '46

Fascinating and detailed discussion of the Nazi nuclear weapon program. They were deadly serious, folks! An unusual atomic bomb design, which might have fizzled when dropped. But the target was intended to be Manhattan, and it would, at a minimum, have been the dirtiest dirty bomb ever -- enough to make any modern terrorist jealous, and any sane person extremely concerned. Definitely worth a read.


A news and opinion website. Not exactly right-wing. Not exactly pro-Bush either! But whatever your sentiments, it's some thought provoking stuff. I don't agree with all of their work(!), but I do learn a lot from some of it. (And Freedom of Speech means I will include in my e-Newsletter occasional items that I personally take some exception to.)


Another controversial news and opinion website. Sometimes the source for "Intel & Rumors" features on Military.com. You might take some of DEBKA with a grain of salt, but it sure will make you think. The Sept. 8, 2003 issue of The New Yorker, in an article by Ben McGrath, said this site is run by two Israeli journalists who might have sources in Israel's intelligence services (Shin Bet, and MOSSAD).

Virginia Class Submarine Program

The official U.S. Navy website of the Virginia class fast-attack submarine (SSN) development program. This is the latest class of nuclear sub to be built for the Navy. The USS Virginia, lead ship in the class, will be commissioned during 2004. Several more are already funded, and as many as 30 might be built by the year 2025. (If you get a warning message about needing plug-ins when you load this site, just hit OK and keep going and you'll still see lots of terrific goodies.) Click on any photo to see an enlargement with further information. Be sure to click on the Image Gallery at the very top of the home page screen!

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