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1. The U.S. Navy's Official News Site

Daily updates of news stories on all aspects of the United States Navy. Worth a frequent visit for all naval enthusiasts!

2. GlobalSecurity.com

Not exactly right-wing. Not exactly pro-Bush either! But whatever your sentiments, it's some thought provoking stuff. I don't agree with all of their work(!), but I do learn a lot from some of it. (And Freedom of Speech means I will include in my e-Newsletter occasional items that I personally take some exception to.)

3. Declassified Periscope Photos

A collage of recently declassified photos from the Cold War. These pictures of various Soviet subs, ships, and planes were actually taken through the periscopes of American submarines on spy missions! Kewl!

4. A Patriotic Rock in Iowa

Color photos of a giant rock on Highway 25 in Iowa. Patriotic scenes and quotes from throughout United States history. The last photo gives the artist's name. A powerful piece of artwork!

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