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1. The Naval Submarine League:

Annual membership in the NSL is inexpensive, and includes a subscription to their quarterly journal THE SUBMARINE REVIEW, a terrific source of info and ideas about submarines. The NSL has regional chapters all around the country, and local membership is also included in the basic annual dues. These regional chapters are very active, holding luncheons, dinners, memorials, and other events worth attending.

2. Military.com:

A superb one-stop-shopping source of news, intell, and opinion essays on all aspects of military affairs, homeland defense, and serving in the military. To access some of their good stuff from their public home page, you need to be a member, but it's free! They have 2-1/2 million members now, up from 2 million at the start of 2003. I strongly recommend that when you join, you subscribe to their Early Brief daily (weekday) e-newsletter, which provides the latest headlines and links to newspapers and wire-service stories.


A glossy quarterly which is the official magazine of the U.S. Submarine Force, published by the Department of the Navy. All issues, including back issues, can be read free on-line. You can also subscribe for $25 a year by calling 202-512-1800. I suggest you spend the money and have each issue come in the mail; one of the best features of this magazine is the series of full-color photos and diagrams in each issue, some of which might not be visible on-line depending on your browser software.

4. The CEC/Seabee Historical Foundation:

Joe's father was an enlisted man in the Seabees. A retired Seabee reservist, Chief "Stormin' Normand," noticed this in Joe's bio and e-mailed Joe, and one thing led to another. Joe joined the Foundation as a Life Member recently to honor his late father's memory. Annual membership is inexpensive and is open to all, and includes a quarterly newsletter. FYI, Seabees are active right now in Iraq and elsewhere around the world, supporting combat operations and providing humanitarian aid. Normand is helping drive forward "Operation Seabees Knowledge," to help the American public learn about these often-forgotten modern heroes. Visit the Foundation's website, and surf through their history pages! (And in case you're wondering, CEC stands for the Navy's Civil Engineering Corps.)

5. Joe's full bio

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