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Joe Buff's Upcoming Appearances and Conference Attendances --

April 25: Navy League of the United States, New York Council (212-825-7333), held at the New York Athletic Club. Admiral William J. Fallon, Vice Chief of Naval Operations of the US Navy, will talk about current Navy operations and future planning. Luncheon starts at noon. Admiral Fallon is second-in-command of the Navy. Joe will be there.

8 pm central time on Monday, April 28: Joe will be the guest with an AOL Chat Room group called The Planetarium. The topic is using robotic submarine probes to explore the oceans under the ice cap covering Europa, a moon of Jupiter, which might harbor life. A bit of exciting "thinking outside the box" for all astronomy and submarine enthusiasts!

John Marshall's Press Statement:
This is an open invitation to a discussion on the topic of exploring Europa. As some of you may know,our astronomers think there may be a liquid ocean under a few miles of ice there. The smoothness, lack of craters and changing patterns of cracks in the ice indicate this.

I have asked Mr. Joe Buff to address this topic as he is an expert in submarines,remote submersibles and marine enviroment.The exploration of Europa will require a remote or autonomous submersible that can withstand extremely low temps and incredible pressure. Also it will need to be fairly compact and carry an efficent power source. There have been several methods suggested as you will see in the links at the bottom of the page. Also we are fortunate to have a few large lakes under the ice in the Artic to practice on. One is Lake Vostok and Ive included links for it too.

Our chatroom is called The planetarium.We are primarily a room for amatuer astronomers.But astronomy being what it is,we talk about everything. science.phisics,ect.The Planetarium is an AOL exclusive room,meaning you need to be on AOL to get in the room. To do this you can find a free 1000 hr AOL disc at a grocerystore, sams,walmart,most any store will have them at the check out. When you get the disc just load it and follow instructions.Make sure when you select ISP access numbers that you look to see that the number is compatible with your modem.cable or what ever your useing. Make very sure that you dont select a long distance number. This disc will give you 1000 hrs or 45 days free AOL. If you dont want to keep it,make sure to cancel before the 45 days are up.

To get to The planetarium put SEO in search, then go to space on the web. You will see The astronomy club at the bottom of the list,clic on it. From there you will see a blinking star with planetarium next to it,Clic on it,the next page will have another blinking star,that will be the room. Clic on it and you'll be there. Also depending on which version of AOL you have you can just clic on this hyperlink and be there The Planetarium

Hope to see you all there, I think this will be well worth it. If you have any questions my name is John marshall and my e-mail address is pokeyoftx@aol.com. My Alternate is Lunarwalkr@aol.com and his name is Don Law if for some reason I cant be reached.

May 2: Luncheon of the Nautilus Chapter of the Naval Submarine League, Groton/New London, CT. A senior Navy chief is the guest speaker. Joe will be there. (For contact info, you can go through the NSL's national office, as listed below with June 11 - 12 event.)

June 11 - 12: Annual Open Symposium of the Naval Submarine League. Membership information and conference registration are available through toll-free # 877-280-7827 or at http://www.navalsubleague.com.

Many commanders of submarines, admirals in Undersea Warfare, and other leaders and experts will give presentations. Includes an outstanding dinner banquet. Joe will be there.



July: Formal commissioning ceremony of the nuclear-powered supercarrier USS RONALD REAGAN, in Norfolk, Va. Joe will be there at the invitation of the USS INTREPID Former Crewmember Association.

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