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[Joe Buff / JoeBuff.Com] The manuscript of the fourth Captain Jeffrey Fuller adventure, TIDAL RIP, has been formally "accepted" by Joe's editor. (In publishing industry parlance, "acceptance" is a legal contract concept, meaning that editing/revising by the author has been completed to the Editor's satisfaction.) TIDAL RIP is now on schedule for release in hardcover on November 1, 2003. The paperback of Joe's third novel, CRUSH DEPTH, is now planned for simultaneous release with the TIDAL RIP hardcover. Joe is now outlining a fifth book in the Jeffrey Fuller saga series.

The plot and cover art of TIDAL RIP are "embargoed" to the public by my publisher for a few months yet. But I can tell you TIDAL RIP will be Jeffrey Fuller's most exciting and important (and dangerous) mission adventure yet, including significant growth in his character and skills to prepare him for maybe making admiral some day -- if he survives. Gripping scenes of Jeffrey dealing with wartime homeland security will get your heart pumping hard right away. Which part of the globe will Jeffrey have to take USS Challenger and her crew to this time? What world-shaking crises will he and his ship's attached team of Navy SEALs face now? You'll just have to wait and see!

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