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3 October 2014


Joe is delighted to announce that he has just been informed he has won another (his fourth) Annual Literary Award from the Naval Submarine League for one of his non-fiction articles in THE SUBMARINE REVIEW. The article is "Strategic Dispersal and SSBN(X) Count" which appeared as the lead article in the Fall 2013 issue of THE SUB REVIEW. The awards will be presented at the Naval Sub League's 2014 Open Symposium in Falls Church, VA in late October. Joe's paper was tied for 3rd prize. It goes into some depth about how the compelling and pervasive principles of strategic dispersal in military science and art, and the forces of geopolitical history, set an absolute minimum on the number of new SSBN's the U.S. (and the world) need for an effective strategic nuclear deterrent fleet. Recently, the U.S. Congress has appeared supportive of purchasing promptly this minimum over time, which Navy planners have determined to be twelve such newly designed ultra-stealthy "boomers." Due to their great expense, though, and given that downward budgetary pressures continue on defense spending, ongoing program support is vital, as "eternal vigilance is the price of freedom" in protecting the Navy and the Pentagon's purchasing power! Write your Congresspersons! (See for details on the Open Symposium, and NSL membership info in general including a subscription to THE SUBMARINE REVIEW.)

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